TR5 TR6 Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) Throttle Bodies

Standard TR CP throttle bodies modified for EFI

  • Lower section of injector ports opened up to accept 14mm Bosch type injectors
  • Bracket fitted to front throttle body to mount Bosch throttle position sensor
  • Extended butterfly spindle installed in front throttle body to operate throttle position sensor
  • Idle air valve style fitting fitted to rear throttle body for brake servo connection
  • Fuel rail turned down to remove parts of extrusion that are not required and to enable mounting without any machining of the throttle bodies
  • Fuel rail milled and tapped to accept Bosch 14mm type injectors, chrome mounting brackets and AN6 fittings
  • Mounting brackets attach to original mountings for old injector keep plates

The conversion is completely reversible if you want to revert to original PI system, as original injectors seal in upper port which is left as standard


Fuel rail, brackets and fixings – £250

Exchange / reconditioned throttle bodies modified for EFI – £1060*
– machined to accept Bosch type 14mm injectors
– fitted with modified butterfly spindles and Bosch TPS mounting bracket
– throttle bodies machined and fitted butterfly spindle bearings to prevent wear
– blanking plugs fitted in place of standard vacuum hose fittings
– idle air valve fitted to rear throttle body for brake servo attachment

New CP linkage rods and countershafts also available.

*Note: this price is for an exchange set of throttle bodies or the modification of your own set, and does not include the TPS or injectors