Throttle Linkage Rods and Parts

Original specification throttle linkage rods and swivel posts

Near impossible to adjust and lock off when fitted to a TR. Less precise adjustment due to coarse thread. You are unlikely to get your butterfly openings synchronised with these fitted to you car.

Those that sell them, claim the aftermarket rose jointed linkages are an improvement on the originals. Owners that have tried fitting them know they are virtually impossible to set and lock off as you cannot access the lock nuts or spindles, especially when you are working that close to a hot exhaust manifold.

Another drawback with the aftermarket rods is they have course threads at each end. A small adjustment of the rod results in a relatively large adjustment when compared to the fine thread on just one end of the rod on the originals.

One final rant! The metering unit supplies a set amount of fuel to all 6 injectors. If the butterflies are not synchronised you will get an uneven mixture across the cylinders. You could have 2 cylinders correctly, 2 running rich and 2 running lean. Check your spark plugs and look at the colours – they should be even across all 6 cylinders.

Throttle Linkage Rod Assemblies
TR5 and TR6 original specification throttle linkage rods

The difference in power and smoothness of the engine when the butterflies are set correctly is unbelievable. Fit an original set of rods that you can adjust and lock off properly, fit a set of bearing upgrades (see upgrades page here) and you will get precise and consistent operation of your throttle butterflies every time you put your foot down – you won’t believe it’s the same car.

Our throttle rod assemblies are made to the original dimensions. As such, if you just want a rod or swivel post to replace a worn one, it will fit and work with the original parts.

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We make the following complete original specification throttle rod assemblies (rods, swivel posts and fixings):

  • TR5 CP Throttle Linkage Rod Set
  • TR6 CP Throttle Linkage Rod Set
  • TR6 CR Single Throttle Linkage Rod
  • 2.5PI Mk1 Throttle Linkage Rod Set (coming soon)
  • 2.5PI Mk2 Early Throttle Linkage Rod Set
  • 2.5PI Mk2 Late Single Throttle Linkage Rod

Throttle Linkage Rod Assemblies, Parts and Prices

3 Linkage Rod Sets (TR5, CP TR6, Mk1 Saloon PI) – £120

Single Rod Sets (CR TR6, Mk2 Saloon PI) – £40

Top or Bottom Swivel Posts – £12 each

Linkage Rods – £18 each

Swivel Posts and Throttle Rods
Swivel Posts and Throttle Rods in Production