Reference Material and Downloads

Below are documents that provide further information and fitting instructions for the products I supply, as well as out of print Triumph workshop manuals and other documentation applicable to the LUCAS PI system fitted to Triumph cars. And some bonus bits I’ve found useful over the years!

A-type Overdrive Manual

CP PI Throttle Countershaft & Bearing Upgrade

Fitting Instructions – Throttle Rods Late 2.5 PI Engines

Fitting Instructions – Choke Conversion

Fitting Instructions – Throttle Rods CR and Late 2.5 PI Engines

Fitting Instructions – Throttle Rods Early CP Engines

Fitting Instructions – Throttle Rods Late CP Engines

Fitting Instructions – CP Choke Return Spring Kit

Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual

Lucas Service Training Centre – Red Book Mk2 PI System

Lucas PI Fault Card 1

Lucas PI Fault Card 2

Lucas PI Fault Card 3

Lucas PI Fault Card 4

Lucas PI Fault Card 5

Lucas PI Fault Card 6

Lucas PI Fault Card Check Sheet

Repairing Jaeger and Smiths Speedometers

Smiths The Care of Instruments

Standard Triumph Hardware Catalogue

TR Manual Countershaft Removal Replacement

TR6 Workshop Repair Manual

Triumph Camshafts

Triumph Cylinder Heads

Triumph TR6 Service Data

Triumph TR6 Spare Parts Catalogue

Triumph TR5 Spare Parts Catalogue