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We offer a range of products and services, an outline of which can be found below. To place your order or to get in touch, simply complete the form here.


Original Spec TR5 and TR6 Throttle Linkage / Countershaft Assembly

TR5 TR6 CP 150HP Countershaft AssemblyAs a result of a number of enquiries from owners regarding original countershafts and bracketry, we are now producing OE specification underslung throttle linkages for CP TR5 and TR6.

These parts are laser cut and the throttle cable bracket is fabricated form heavier gauge steel to avoid the need for the bracing that was fitted to later versions.

This setup can also be used on Mk1 2.5PI manifolds if the rear butterfly spindle is replaced or the lever is re-drilled to CP TR spec (we can do this on our mill without having to remove the spindle from the manifold). This setup will also enable Mk1 2.5 manifolds to be used on cars fitted with extractor exhaust manifolds.

New Original Spec TR5 and TR6 Throttle Linkage Assembly (less rods) – £250
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Original Spec 2.5PI, TR5 and TR6 Throttle Linkage Rods

Parts 1Remanufactured throttle linkage rods as originally fitted to Triumph Lucas Petrol Injected (PI) cars (TR5, TR6 CP, TR6 CR, Mk1 2.5PI and Mk2 2.5PI).

The throttle linkage rods are made to original specifications and designs. Measurements are taken from original linkage rods and have been transferred to CAD drawings.

Swivel posts – Machined using a DRO equipped, manually operated lathe giving accuracy to around 0.05mm. Holes are drilled and or tapped in the vertical mill. Threads are cut using Coventry die head in the lathe.

Linkage Rods – Slots in the rods are cut using a slitting blade in the horizontal mill. Threads are cut using Coventry die head in the lathe. Flanges are brazed and then turned down in the lathe to ensure they sit square under the swivel posts.

Once machined, the components are sent away for colour passivation. Each set is then assembled and trial-fitted to ensure correct operation. For help in identifying which linkages you need, click here.

Complete 3 rod throttle linkage sets – £100
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TR6 CR to CP Throttle Linkage Conversions

CR to CP throttle linkage conversionFed up with trying to balance your CR throttle linkages? We make conversion spindles that enable you use the earlier CP throttle linkages (linkage rods and countershaft) with CR manifolds – see video here.

The spindles are fitted with zinc passivated laser cut arms. The butterfly spindles are made oversize so we can take up any play due to wear when fitting. As such you will need to send your manifolds to us and we will fit them for you.

Price includes fitting and new return springs, but excludes postage. You can drop them off and collect if you prefer.

CR to CP butterfly conversion spindles – £150
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2.5PI, TR5 and TR6 Throttle Countershaft Bearing Upgrade

On PI cars, the original Lucas PI throttle linkages are far superior to the aftermarket rose jointed items, providing fine adjustment and ease of access to locking nuts. However, one area where they can be improved is the flexible bushes on the countershaft. This flexibility makes it difficult to ensure synchronisation is maintained each time the throttle is opened.

I have made replacement brackets for the countershaft that incorporate sealed and self-aligning bearings. I fitted a pair of these to my TR5 and found a noticeable improvement in power and the manifolds stay balanced.

hrottle Countershaft Bearing UpgradeNote – These bearing upgrades are from the first production run and were produced using non CNC machines. As can be seen in the photo, there are marks from the fabrication process and the mounting holes are not as uniform as the laser cut parts I offer. None of this affects fit or operation, and the marks are not visible when choke assembly, plenum etc is fitted. The next batch will be sent out for laser cutting and will be priced accordingly!

A pair of PI countershaft brackets with self-aligning bearings – £50
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CP TR5 and TR6 Throttle Return Springs

cp throttle return springsButterfly spindle / throttle return springs remade to the original specification. These are correct fitment for the injection manifolds originally fitted to TR5, CP TR6 and early 2.5PI cars.

The throttle return springs have the correct number of turns and are machine finished giving uniform bends in the ends. They are also galvanised as per the original finish.

These are remade specifically for us by a spring manufacturer in the UK.

The price is £5 per spring / £15 for a set of 3. To buy, please request CP throttle return spring on the order form here.

TR5 and TR6 Twin Choke Cable Upgrade

TR5 and TR6 twin choke cables appear to be no longer available and when they are, they are priced in excess of £100 and generally are of poor quality. Time for a sensible upgrade to allow the use of a single choke cable of the appropriate overall length (42″ min). There are various options available out there with the correct square knob – see below.

TR6 choke cable upgradeThe upgrade uses a modified choke cam with a link cable to operate the metering unit. This is a picture of the prototype – video available if you would like to see it working.

The remote cable attachment point has been positioned to ensure full travel of the metering unit enrichment lever is maintained. Enrichment lever travel, and choke tick-over speed, are still independently adjustable. Once fitted you will only ever need to replace the single choke or the extension link cable which should cost you less than £30 for both.

The kit comprises laser cut and plated cam, cable bracket, cable adjusters, cable trunnions and link cable. It all fits using existing fixings and is completely reversible should good quality cables return at a sensible price.

The basic upgrade will be supplied without a cable as there is a wide range of options with prices dependent on quality and type. E.g.:

  • Webcon Weber choke cable (£16 on ebay). This cable has the correct square knob and logo but has a black bezzle.
  • Left hand drive Triumph Spitfire choke cable (£21 on Ebay). This cable has the correct square knob and chrome bezzle but has a different logo.
  • If your original still has one cable working you can continue using that.

We can also supply one of the above new cables at cost.

Brackets and cams have been laser cut and now require plating. The kit should be available in the new year. The basic kit will cost approx £50. If you are interested please let me know using the order form here.

TR5 Idle Air Valve / Air Bleed Valve
(Buy Outright or Exchange Your TR6 One)

TR5 Air Idle Valve

Does your TR5 have a TR6 idle air valve? I have remade a batch of TR5 idle air valves to the original specification. They will be going off to the platers shortly.

They are a push fit into the manifold and are sealed with epoxy resin. However, please note that the air was originally taken from the air filter assembly not the plenum as on the TR6. As such the air hose connection points to the front of the car. Let me know if you want an information sheet showing the original set up and difference between the TR6 and TR5 setups.

Cost of the complete assembly, (valve body, bolt and spring) is £75. There is a £15 discount for return of your old TR6 idle air valve. 

If you are interested please let me know using the order form here.

Bright Work for CP and CR Manifolds

CR to CP throttle linkage conversionSets of new zinc colour passivated brightwork to provide the perfect makeover for your tired looking CP or CR inlet manifolds. These are a push fit and are sealed with epoxy resin or Loctite.

This is a new product, so if you are interested please let me know using the order form here.


Whether it’s making a mix of PI parts from different cars work, or maintaining originality of your own car, we may be able to help. Some recent examples of this and the associated costs are:

Parts 4Recently, we modified one of Prestige Injections underslung throttle linkage kits to accept the original style linkage rods for a customer in Italy. The rose jointed rods that were fitted to the Prestige setup were difficult to adjust and didn’t enable the butterflies to fully open. The cost of the modification, a bespoke set of plated rods and postage to Italy was £160.

Parts 5

A customer in the Isle of Wight wanted a set of TR5 throttle rods with oversized journals to fit the holes in the operating arms that he reamed out to remove wear. The rods were made and sent to the owner for trial fitting prior to plating. Due urgency of the job, the rods were sent to the platers on their own incurring a minimum charge of £40. The total cost was £140 plus postage.
TR6 CR to CP Manifold Conversion In Crate ready for Despatch
We recently converted a set of CR manifolds to use a CP countershaft assembly for a customer in Switzerland. We did this on an exchange basis. We fitted conversion spindles, countershaft assembly,  linkage rods, uprated bearings and brightwork to a set of manifolds we had in stock. These were setup and  tested on our CP engine rig. Transport brackets were then fitted to the manifolds prior to removal to retain the basic settings. The manifolds were then crated up and sent off to Switzerland  – the cost of the upgrade was £500. However, customs charges, shipping and insurance on the refurbished manifolds and returned exchange items added another £2-300 to the overall cost.

If you would like to get in touch with your own request, please use the text box on the order form here.

Overseas Orders

Overseas is no issue. We have supplied parts to customers in California, Italy, Germany and Australia. We send the parts by air and the costs are surprisingly cheap – around £15 for a set of rods and £60 for a crated set of manifolds with countershafts and linkage rods fitted.

Please note however, the customer is liable for all customs charges on items sent and returned and these can be up to £150 each way for items with a declared value of £500.

High value items also require additional insurance which is approx £40 for £500 cover, which is also charged to the customer.

Parts 7