Identifying Wear

Lucas PI throttle linkage wear

Considering the throttle rods and swivel posts are made of mild steel and operate without bushes, the system is generally long lived.

The CR single rod linkage wears the most as the single rod takes the load of all 3 throttle spindles and return springs.

Wear in the linkages results in excess play that can affect synchronisation of the butterflies. The metering unit provides a uniform amount of fuel to each cylinder based on manifold pressure. Out of balance throttle butterflies result in uneven mixtures in the cylinders which has a dramatic effect on performance.

When wear does occur, it is generally the top and bottom swivels on the throttle rods as shown in the pictures. We can supply the original design throttle linkages in their entirety or supply the individual components you need to eliminate the wear in yours – including the top swivel posts listed as no longer available by all of the big  Worn Butterfly Lever Arm JournalTriumph parts suppliers.

Sometimes the holes in the throttle spindle arms also wear. Usually by the time this has occurred the brass spindles will be excessively worn and will be letting air by affecting tick-over. In this instance, the spindles and levers will require replacement. At this point you are probably better off exchanging your throttle bodies for a reconditioned set or having us recondition yours. Just complete the enquiry form here and we will let you know what the options are.