Throttle Countershafts and Parts

TR5 and TR6 Throttle Countershafts

The original design throttle countershafts for our cars are listed as no longer available by the main suppliers.

We remanufacture original specification CP throttle countershafts using laser cut brackets, levers and cams that are folded on a manually operated press and welded in a jig. Steel used for throttle cable bracket (and mounting brackets) is thicker than standard to avoid the need for the bracing plate used on latter assemblies. Holes for swivel posts are reamed after plating.

Prior to dispatch, every throttle countershaft and associated choke assembly is assembled and fitted to our test engine to ensure proper fit and operation.

Our throttle countershafts are supplied with Super Pro flexi bushes as standard. These can be replaced with our self-aligning ball bearing upgrade at extra cost – see upgrades page here.

As the throttle countershaft assemblies are made to the original specifications, we can supply complete assemblies or individual components to replace worn out original parts. Our standard complete countershaft assemblies include mounting brackets, super pro bushes (fitted), choke assembly, throttle stop bracket and choke return spring kit.

Countershaft Assemblies, Parts and Prices:

Complete Countershaft Assembly – £250

Throttle Countershaft Only – £150

Choke Assembly only – £50

Choke Cam – £20

Choke Cam Return Spring Kit – £18

Standard Countershaft Mounting Brackets – £20

Super Pro Polyurethane Bushes – £18

Uprated Self-Aligning Sealed Ball Bearing Countershaft Bushes – see upgrades page here