Why the original linkages are best

The original Triumph / Lucas design of the throttle linkage rods and countershafts fitted to TR5 TR6 and 2.5PI cars are far superior to the after-market linkages, despite the claims made by the suppliers.

The original design provides the ability to make fine adjustment due to the pitch of the thread and only one end of the rod providing the adjustment. The original rods can also be easily adjusted from the top using a screwdriver and locked off using a spanner from below.

Original saloon PI throttle linkages
Original throttle linkages – enable fine adjustment and easy access to adjust and lock off

Conversely the after-market throttle linkages have a coarse left and right-hand thread at each end of the throttle rod, a small turn of the rod results in a large adjustment of the butterflies. The after-market items require you to rotate the rods and lock off the nuts between the throttle bodies. This is extremely difficult with all cables connected and means you need to work in close proximity to the hot exhaust manifold.

After market lucas PI throttle linkages
Non-original/aftermarket ball jointed throttle linkages – access for adjustment is difficult.

We can supply the original design throttle linkages in their entirety or supply the individual components you need to eliminate the wear in yours – including the top swivel posts and countershaft assemblies listed as no longer available by all of the big Triumph parts suppliers.